Which of these outfits are best for a date?

Hey everyone!

This is for both guys and girls...Which of these outfits are best for your average date?

Which ones are cute and which ones are big no-no's?

Be sure to add why, if you can!

1. link

2. link

3. link

4. link

5. link

6. link

7. link

8. link

9. link

10. link


Haha wow, a lot off people don't like the stuff! (That's okay, I don't either...)

So, I have to tell you, my two best friends were arguing on what is best to wear. These are each of their favorite outfits (why you see two sort of extremes I guess). I didn't really know what to say, so I wanted to ask the world...

Thanks for your answers btw!


Most Helpful Girl

  • None of them are great.

    Half of them are too casual, and the other half too try hard.


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  • 1: Lose the leggings unless you're dating other women.

    2: just ... odd. the top and bottoms don't go.

    3: reminds me of one without leggings. its okay, but I know very few guys who are into that style of dress. At least its a skirt.

    4: its 2 in monochrome! her body is okay, and she's trying to be sexy, she could do better.

    5. she's got a good body, and has almost managed to hide it.

    6. are we gonna alternate between pseudo-hipster-trying to be twee and bustier with high waist tight pants the whole way? Its marginally better with the shirt over.

    7. Yes we are. best of the wannabehipandfunky looks so far. Because its tight. She has not been able to hide her body.

    8. like this exactly the same as the other bustier/high waist looks.

    9. boots over jeans are hot though grey isn't ideal. did she really need the scarf there? Might someone have noticed she had decent breasts otherwise?

    10. Kind of odd but beats the rest of the even number outfits.

    Okay, I didn't really like any of them. The hipster-twee-i wear cardigans and slouchy stuff with a belt look is not one that many guys find -hot-. Its really casual. For a daytime coffee, most of them would be okay. one a little less baggy and without the leggings would be better. 7 and 9 are fine for daytime casual, though if she'd stop hiding her breasts it would be a plus. Basically needs to look a little bit sexier. And for god sake no slouchy stuff with a belt if possible.

    The even number ones all seem so twant to be super sexy. But ... high waist pants? Not a good look on very many women. They make them seem fatter. So a woman without any hips it might work. 10 is a weird top and a over the top skirt for anywhere but a club, but at least the skirt is okay (though really revealing). For sexy, try a dress that's short, but long enough to sit down in without flashing. Closer to mid thigh, unless you are going to a club where everyone is wearing shorter.

    Date clothing should obviously depend on what the date is.

  • 1-3 are weird

    4 is OK if you're going to a night club

    I like 6 but it would be weird to wear on a casual date

    8 is hot, but kinda trashy

    9 is the best as far as for casual dates.

    10, maybe at a club

  • WTF to everything besides #2's purple top.

    Find that top in white, add on some light blue jeans with a few fashionable rips (but not so many so that it looks like the girl was raped by a pack of gorillas), and some earthy colored flip-flops, like brown. Then, you can tan to create contrast, and you can do a french manicure on your hands and feet, or a very natural light pink color, to add further contrast.

    Everything else is just so sad. I don't know who designs clothes for women, but the only thing that amazes me more than the fact that those designers are paid is the women who actually buy their clothes.

  • It's a tie between 3 and 8. 10 would be if you plan on having sex.

    I would go with 8 just to be safe

  • None of that is working at all. O_o?

  • #11. Butt naked

  • 1. It's nice and cute. I like it. But I like would go with tights with the dress and different shoes better.

    2. No, looks like a workout outfit or something when lounging at home.

    3. Almost Perfect. Just not a fan of the belt.

    4. No, looks like a clubbing outfit.

    5. It's okay. Not a fan of the belt.

    6. I do not like it.

    7. It's nice. Cute.

    8. Just...no. Hate the whole thing.

    9. Very nice, very cute.

    10. Reminds me of 4, more a clubbing look.

    So, in order of favorite to least favorite. 3,9,1,7,5,10,4,2,6,8

    • 3,9,1,7 and 5 would all work. 10 and 4 would work if you take you date clubbing. 2,6 and 8 are no's to me.

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    • Yeah...They both have really specific styles...I'm not really into either, but if I had to wear one I would do the 3,9,1,7,5 one :)

    • I like the 3,9,1,7,5 one better.

  • Any of the odd numbered ones. I wouldn't go on a second date with a girl that wore any of the even numbered ones. I like 3 and 9 best.


What Girls Said 2

  • if you seriously consider any of these outfits then you have no sense of style...

    • lol I'll tell that to my friends


    • haha I definitely recommend checking out pintrest the oufits on there are to die for :)

  • I like 3 and 9:-)


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