He's broken no contact what should I do?

So my ex and I broke up three weeks ago while on holiday (yeah great timing I know!) obviously we had to spend the rest of the holiday together and I held myself together pretty well the majority of the time although he did see me cry quite a lot and voice my concern that we might be making a mistake. It's a distance relationship so after we landed in the UK we went our separate ways. For the next week we had some contact via text message and then a proper discussion over I'm last Tuesday night to discuss where we went wrong. At the end of the conversation I asked him to give me some time and not contact me for a couple of weeks and I'd text him at the end of the month to arrange a chat. It was hard but I made it through the week without contacting him at all - then out of the blue on Wednesday I got a text from him around lunchtime that simply said "How ya doing? xx" I didn't know whether or not to reply but in the end I sent him a message 8 hours later that said "I'm OK, keeping busy. Hope you're OK too :) Xx" I tried to keep it short and sweet answering his question but not asking him anything so not expecting a reply but he did anyway with "I'm alright, you know me x" I didn't reply to that one - I had every intention of maintaining no contact til the end of the month as planned. However this morning he text me again with a simple "Pokes xx" I don't really want to reply but nor do I want him to think I've stopped caring. I don't know what I want from us. I'm not intentionally using no contact as a way to get back together, I just felt like taking a step back from us was the best way to figure that out. Do I reply or just leave it til the date we agreed on? We're over halfway there and the second stint can't possibly be as hard as the first can it?


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  • stick to your guns so he takes you seriously,u need this time to see how much you each really care about each other, don't respond,keep him guessing


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