Gentlemen, what are you thinking about hooking up with ex?

So, I finally got to meet up with my ex-boyfriend.

He picked me up for Starbucks, we casually talked...but

we went back to his house.

We hooked up, kissed, made out, cuddled... ended up taking a shower and fully naked... but no sex (thank God)

Then, I confronted him by asking what his feelings are for me,

And he said he still likes me, he doesn't want me to disappear out of his life, and he enjoys hanging out with me, but he's not ready to date?

What the heck is going on?!


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  • Lets run through the facts. He doesn't want you out of his life. He enjoys your company. He's your ex. He's not ready to date.

    Basically, he wants to sleep with you and have no strings attached.

    I could be wrong, but that's the general impression I'm gathering.


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  • he wants you to be there when he wants you to be there,run,u will only be a yo yo girl

  • He wants to have sex with you still but doesn't want a relationship with you. He was a no strings attached thing with you. Maybe he thinks your great in bed and misses that but just doesn't want you as anything else.

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