Do you have any first date tips?

I've known her for a couple years, I guess you could call her a friend. Since most of our relationship thus far has been "flirty/teasing" this will be the first time we're gonna try to connect, I guess. She's been withdrawn the last couple times I've seen her in class, not really flirting or anything, and I understand because I want to save all that stuff for our date, too.


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  • Are you shy or outgoing/? If you are shy, then perhaps you should plan a date where the activity or entertainment can accommodate your personality, such as a comedy club, bowling rink, or theater to assist you or prevent any awkward moments. If you are an outgoing guy, then you should be able to keep her engaged just about anywhere.

    Arrive a few minutes early to pick her up. Be a gentleman by opening the door and pulling her seat back for her. Be a diverse conversationalist, have a few interesting topics that will create positive debate. Ask about her interest and goals. Jump on any opportunity to make her smile and laugh, because you'll win points for it. Lastly, be confident, and be yourself.


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