Guys: How do you like a girl to text you?

I usually respond to texts seductively, but I'm not sure if this makes guys uncomfortable or creeped out. I think it does.

Generally speaking though, how do you like it when you are first getting to know a girl?
  • Cheery and Flirty :):):)
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  • Seductive and Coy (short texts) ;)
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  • Friendly/Frank and Happy (non-sexual/-seductive) :D
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OKay, here's the deal. Just got asked on a second date. Don't know him very well, but I have a bad habit of sending seductive or brief texts. Like for example: Guy - "Hey ___, I'd like to take you out on another date. What do you think?" Me - "Hey ___, I'd like that. :)" Too brief? I'm trying to let him take lead. But maybe I should stop that...


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  • To be honest I can never tell the tone of a message in a text.

    So unless you are going to send paragraphs and use present tense verbs, then a text would just be expressionless to me.


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  • im the same as sexyasianboi26 I am the worst at reading the tone in a text message. but I would like a flirty/seductive text every once in awhile. not every text it would get annoying.

    • why would it get annoying?

    • so if a girl was just like, "ooh, that sounds nice ;)" or "mmm I'd love that ;)" every single time that would be annoying. yuck, totally agree. I'm not like that, but I do send short texts... :-/ It changes though when I get to know guys.

  • I like to start texting cheery and than usually let the girl

    text whatever way she is ready to do so I feel if a guy

    comes on to a girl too quick than I don't want make her

    feel all creeped out lolz


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