Is dating a coworker worth the risk in this situation?

This coworker and I both recently went through nasty breakups about a month and a half ago. Her boyfriend broke up with her because he needed to 'find his faith', my girlfriend broke up with me because she only felt 'like a friend' towards me now. A week later she was hooking up with another guy. My coworker and I have always gotten along, I happened to notice her fb status change and gave her a hug and let her know it'd just happened to me too. The next weekend we drank about 8 shots toasting ourselves and 'f*ck 21 year olds' (both our exes were 21).

A few weeks later now we were out for a coworker's bachelor's party. My roommate/coworker came up to me later in the evening and mentioned that this girl had been following me around. I (drunk) realized she had actually roamed around the house yelling my name. By that point though the party was winding down and we all went our own ways. I texted her to make sure she got home alright since she was pretty far gone as well, and we talked for almost an hour. She said I was the coolest guy she knew and sent me a last text for the night of just '<3 <3'

From an outsiders perspective, since she's a coworker is this even worth the risk of trying? My workplace is odd in that we could work months without seeing each other (random shifts, literally open 24/7). Try it out? Or leave it as just friends?


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  • I see nothing wrong in trying...

    Worse case scenario, you are each others' rebounds...

  • It's only been a month in a half.. are you sure she's ready to be in another relationship?


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