How do I learn to find the right girls?

Three times in a row I have found a girl, built a very good relationship with her, only to watch it burn to the ground because she becomes a sociopath or something worse. My friends tell me I have a taste and that is for psychos. I have taken time off from my social life and kinda become a hermit between each girl and am doing the same thing now. When I reenter the world where do I go to find the non crazies? I have gone three seperate routes: Dated a best friend, Dated an Acquaintance, and online dating. All three ended up being terrible people. Well the best friend wasn't she just did terrible things to me and put me in terrible positions.

Where can I go next time? Any suggestions?


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  • Wait a long time before you decide to date a girl. See how she acts, and if you like her personality. Do you have similar interests? Do you like spending time with her? Is she heading on a good direction in life? Is she honest? That kind of thing. Don't take things too fast, and make sure you really think about before jumping into any big decisions. Don't settle for anything less than you want.

    Go places that you have fun, or that you really like, because chances are girls that you will like/have similar personalities as you will be there.

    Good Luck!

    • Im afraid to do this and then get friend zoned.

    • Just brush it off when that happens! I'm not going to tell you you won't be friend zoned because there's no guarantee. Just be yourself and make sure each others intentions are clear in the beginning!

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  • Before you actually date a girl, you should look at stuff like body language, how she reacts to certain things, and pay close attention to the stuff she says. You can easily spot a fake that way. Also consider changing where you look for girls. Maybe try the library?

    • I was thinking the library is like the only wholesome place I know anymore. But do women hang out at the library at all these days?

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    • Is starbucks considered a cafe because I highly doubt there is a real one near me in 25 miles in any direction. Really good ideas by the way anymore places?

    • Yeah I think starbucks can be classified as a cafe. I guess another place you could try would be the beach if you live near one? Girls are always looking out for a nice guy when they're at the beach. You can play like frisbee with friends and accidently toss it toward a girl you like and that will give you an opening. If you don't live by one, try the gym. Not the top place, but it's definitely good for finding nice healthy girls.

  • how do you define sociopaths? what did they do? are they like this with other people?

    i tend to get emotional with my SO.

    • I define it as: The one ended things because things with me were "too final" and she wants to have sex with as muchas possible. And if god forbid I start another relationship or show interest in another girl, she goes off the wall and will jump in my lap and make out with me if it means the other girl is out of my life. Too much to get into with the second one, mainly has to do with controlling my food intake and the last one was into 50 shades stuff. and no the first 2 girls are not like this.

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    • I am asking what is the unthinkable?

    • order of protection

  • Girls are usually really emotional creatures... I am not so sure that it matters where you look, but how you behave in the relationship. I've been recently treated in a way that made me react in a manner of which I am not proud, but when you really have feelings for someone the thought of losing them makes you go a little crazy. I know very well that I've done some stupid things, but I'm not a crazy person when I am not having my emotions toyed with. If a girl breaks up with you and does that sort of thing she's just super immature... Next time you meet a girl, just make sure that figure out what your intentions are and be super clear about them every step of the way. If they ended up being terrible people, you probably didn't take enough time to get to know them before entering into a relationship.


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