How to ask a girl out if she is always busy or something?

So I met this girl in a club I talked to her we had a pretty good conversation here and there after that we decided to call it a night and head to her place to drop her off, then I asked for her number. a week later, I started texting her we did exchange good text message conversation and build a rapport between us but I decided to try and see if she would initiate on texting me so I did not text her in a few days and apparently she did text me and I'm starting to think that she might be interested in me then I tried asking her out but she said already have plans on that day so I guess I asked too early so I decided to gave it a week yet we still kept in touch by texting I even gave her a lot of hints that I'm interested in her through flirty text and I'm sure by now she knows that I'm really intrested in her. after a week I asked her out again but had the same result but this time she said that she don't know and she doesn't want it to be awkward so I'm thinking that this is already my second attempt so I'm starting to think that she probably wasn't intrested in me since the beginning so I try to for get about her but the next day out of nowhere she texted me and of course I can't ignore her so I replied and had a conversation after that I never texted her again and few days have pass she still text me first and it comes to the point that she always text me first everyday or every other day and we always end up exchanging messages for hours every time so I decided to ask her out again the next day but she said she's going to see a movie so I had the same result for the third time.

P.s. she still text me first almost everyday till now.

So these are my questions

1. She always text me first almost everyday but when I ask her out is she making excuses? Or actually have plans or just busy?

2. I asked her out 3 times already should I give up and become a text buddy? Or give it more time?

3. Is she tryin hard to get? or testing me?

4. I know she knows I like her but why can't she just hangout with me as a friend?

So there you go hope I get a respond that will answer my questions


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  • haha dude I feel your pain...I'm not an expert, but it's good that you are so calm about it all. The one on one hang out isn't gonna work so try getting people together so she doesn't feel as pressured... and even if she doesn't go oh well... that would be a good way to meet up with her. She would probably be interested in meeting your friends // new people as most girls do. I'd also say you could try not directly asking her out, but instead try something like asking her what she's interested in and then saying oh that would be fun we should do that sometime lol just ideas off the top of my head. definitely try to establish you have fun with out wanting her to be your only resource to happiness... anyways good luck

    • actually I tried inviting her when I was out with my friend and she said she can't probably another excuse to say no lol but ill take that advice about asking her what she likes and ask her out from there so I won't be obvious that I'm asking her out directly

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