Will she be the same with me one day?

I'll try to be short and understandable as possible.

There is a friend of mine who is a quite busy person. We can't go out to often because of that..

Lately she made a promise that she will ask me out one day, when she will have time for that. (Before, I did ask her out but not too many times she could come. Therefore she made this promise)

This last Thursday she messaged me that she has some time to go out that day afternoon, so I said a "yes" to her call.

For me, things got out of plan (before the meeting) and in the end I was getting late (like 5 minutes). I was pretty stressed and I couldn't think clear. There was a buss station I could only stop (with my car to meet her) and tell her (on phone) that I'm on the opposite side of the road (she didn't know what type of car I'm driving, yet).

It was a rainy night and my car windows were very hazy, I couldn't see neither in the mirrors or out on the back window. The buss came right in that moment and hit the horn on me... I ran into the buss with the back of my car.. Thing got complicated and I couldn't tell her that I can't come.. She was waiting for a while for me there and by the time I was able to text her and tell what happened, she was long ago home..

I told her how sorry I am about the way this turned out and she (at leas seamed like) accepted the apology.

The thing that bothers me is that I didn't text her in time and that I could of been more watchful so I could of been able to meet her! :(

Maybe I have a little crush on her, and maybe she had a little too, but I feel like this whole thing turned her off.

I'm not sure why I tell all this here, but its killing me inside that I couldn't meet her, made her wait that much and made her freeze in a rainy day..:(

Should I tell her something about this..?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Since you cannot go back to that very moment when you should have had texted her the reason why you cannot come, you should explain what happened actually and make an effort to let her feel your sincerity. I mean she may not believe you at first, but try to convince her and if you really like her may be you should show some sweet moves - like sending her flowers and stuffs or notes or letters - traditional way that is but still can melt the lady's heart. Show her how sorry you are to her and make a way to make her forgive and trust you again..or may be better fetch her, surprise her one day with flowers and ask her out personally..if she is indeed busy, you can wait for her, or if she is not really available, perhaps the act of being there personally will make her feel special. There are so many ways to let a girl feel special - if you really like her - do those ways..


What Guys Said 1

  • Yes, be completely honest with her. While real men don't make excuses, they should try as hard as they can to win over the lady they are interested in.

    • Of course that I am honest with her. I am just unsure if I should tell her that, what most bothers me about that night, including the accident, is that I couldn't meet her... Because that's the truth..

      Though she knows the rest of the story..

      I just don't know if I should tell her this bothering thing, it would appear to abrasive and I don't know if she does have a crush or not on me..

    • Then make it look relatively impersonal. Tell her that you hate standing anyone up when you make plans and it really ticks you off when it happens. Then tell her that you will do your best to make it on time if not early the next time she is available.

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