Guys want sex, and girls care too much about that person's friendship to date them?

Would you agree this is true as to why girls won't date their friends as much as guys would?

This came from my other question here: link


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  • First of all Sx is not dating. Women hae sex without relationships, as well as do Men. Men enter into relationships for more than just sex, as well as omen.

    so I not sure why you compare a guy wanting sex with a woman (not) wanting a relationship?

    do you mean to say guys would date a friend but women will not?

    I disagree if that's what you're saying.

    If I _like_ simeone, I still would not date them unless we were frinds first.

    im certainly not going to ass up someone I like because were friends. the friendship is a bonus. not a deterrent.

    i would only not have sex with someone if I was not attracted to him, or did not like his personality. I would not date someone I am not interested in.

    i don't date hoping ill maybe like I'm in the future.

    i think saying you do not want to ruin a friendship is bullsh*t. a relationship is the highest form of friendship. friendships can end just like relationships.

    getting involved only brings out the true feelings. it does not create them. breaking up is no different than being friends with someone who cares more. less for you, than you do for them.

    its also a convenient thing to say when you are not attracted to someone. 'oh I really like u. but I do not want to ruin a friendship by becoming even closer 'bs'.

    i just say I just want to be friends. I do not dress it up.

    • "so I not sure why you compare a guy wanting sex with a woman (not) wanting a relationship?"

      The girl in my other question said this. ask her

      "do you mean to say guys would date a friend but women will not?"

      Yes, it sure seems that way. look in the other question and you'll see a couple girls explain why.

    • "think saying you do not want to ruin a friendship is bullsh*t. a relationship is the highest form of friendship. friendships can end just like relationships."

      And I would have to agree with you, but unfortunately many women don't want to go for it because they think if it goes horrible in the end they lose both the lover and the friend. Most guys think it's worth it though.

    • My point is,what they call 'going bad is happening anyway- one form or another

      u don't keep a friendship by making sure you keep it fake. if you gys like each other enough to be together, then uve already ruined the friendship by not letting it grow.

      and if the guy chests or something well wt te hell, he was not good person let alone friend, to begin with.

      someone does something sh*tty in a relationship and it messes up the friendship- its because they did something sh*tty. NOT because you grew closer.

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  • Guys do not only befriend women they want to f***. and guys do not only date for sex. and guys do not want to date just anyone they want to f***.

    women don't befriend guys just because they are attracted to them. women don't want to have sex with someone they are not attracted to. women do have sex just for sex. not for a relationship.

    your question has too many assumptions in it to be clear. its too biased. and the answers will not find their way outside of that bias.

    >>>>>Youre basically sating why are guy more willing to date a friend, than a Woman is.

    IF THIS IS TRUE. We don't know that it is. the posts I see from women on here about not wanting to tell a guy how she feels, for fear it will ruin the relationship, are no different than the posts from guys., fearing the same thing.

    and by fear they mean they don't want to be rejected. and have the 'friend' never talk to them again. its about REJECTION. its not about the actual quality of friendship being tainted. uts having someone you thought was a very close friend laughing at u. and making excuses thereafter. anytime you want to just 'hang out'.

    If people valued friendship so much, their wouldn't be so many posts about women and men ignoring their so-called friend after they revealed their true feelings.

    i don't buy the argument. I'm _worried_ about our friendship. bs.

    its cowardice. and its convenience. 1. you dint want to be rejected, so you say nothing. 2 . you pretend its the friendship you're worried about because you are not attracted and don't want to be mean. (but you don't mind distancing yourself inexplicably subsequently)

    but lets say Women less often date a 'friend' >>

    1. It's _possible_ guys are more likely to ONLY befriend women they are attracted to.

    2. its possible they are more desperate for sex, and will pretend to want to date to get sex. (hence ONLY befriend women they are attracted to)

    And Women befriend Men attraction or not. So when a male friend they are not attracted to, wants to date, or wants sex, they decline. BECAUSE they are never were attracted to them.

    IMO. All things being equal. A. Woman/ Man equally want JUST sex.

    Or B. Equally want a relationship with each other.

    Neither is going to turn down the Sex in case A. or Dating in case B.

    When people 'worry' about the friendship, Its because they lack confidence the feelings are returned. Or they themselves lack attraction for the other person.

    When you really like someone who really likes you. True feelings , mutually felt between two people, are not easy to come by. You don't squander that on bs logic. Unless you're learning disabled.

    I do not know a single person in my hundred or so circle of friends / acquaintances (In real life) . Who went from 0 to dating. They all started off as friends. Not as flirting buddies. FRIENDS.

  • well for some reason, females equate sex with intimacy, intimacy with love, and love with sex, and so goes the cycle. They don't know how to date a male friend or even just be friends with benefits without getting caught up. Females tend to over-think dating a friend, they think what if we get close he cheats and we lose that friendship we had. I personally don't thin that way. But then again, I'm weird.

  • Why would we date someone we're not attracted to? We usually have no feelings for our friends

    • So you're in the category of 'if they're a friend, they're a friend for a reason' right?

      And I guess you would disagree with toulouse "saying you do not want to ruin a friendship is bullsh*t. a relationship is the highest form of friendship. friendships can end just like relationships."?

  • I responded to your last question, and I don't think this is necessarily exactly true. Maybe for some but, at least containing to me no. Also, your question is somewhat confusing. Is it because girls don't want to date their guy friends because sex is involved, or is this a general basis question, dignifying that ALL guys just want to have sex, that being said, a girl wouldn't go out of her way because all men are supposedly man whores? o.o Either I'm crazy and I can't comprehend what you're trying to say or it makes it seem like you're saying that guys want to date their 'friends' who are girls because of sex and girls don't want to. Mindf***101

    • I know it's a bit confusing, the anon chick in the other question said this.

      But I believe what she was saying is that guys will only be friends with a girl if he would f*** her and of course would date her. while girls won't date their friends since they don't really see them sexually like guys do and also they don't want to risk losing the friend... maybe I'm confusing you too.. well I think kheserthorpe explains it a bit better. check his answer out.

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  • I'm not sure there's such a clearcut difference between girls and guys in this.

    #-I may be an atypical guy but I refrained from dating a number of my female friends because I thought it would harm our friendship. And they accepted it as a natural stance. (or did seem to)

    #-My wife too refrained from dating a number of her male friends because she thought it would harm their friendship. And they too accepted it as a natural stance. (or did seem to)

  • yeah most girls will want to date a guy but won't do it cause they think it could ruin the friendship.

    i've seen countless Q's here about girls being secretly in love with their friends and terrified of doin anything about it.

    tho they only think they're in love, they're actually just infatuated.

  • No, that's not why.

    It's because guys want to f*** most girls. So if he likes a girl, given he also wants to f*** her, he'd like to date her.

    By contrast girls want to f*** far fewer guys, so the odds she likes him but doesn't want to f*** him, hence doesn't want to date him, is high.

    Finally guys tend to approach girls they're physically attracted to and befriend them because their odds of rejection that way are lower, and they think they're being respectful and that its the 'right way' to do things. When a girl likes some guy, she's more likely to try to flirt, because she's probably been told THAT is what he likes.

    The female equivalent of 'friend zoned' guys is not girls in the 'friend zone'. Its girls stuck in the FWB zone who want more. They're also giving everything the other person wants while not getting what they want, because the other person isn't as interested as they are.


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