Women psychology in friendship/dating?

I hear that when women are all sexy and dressed or what not, it is better to ignore her beauty and just keep the convo going without "checking her out". And by doing this, you show her that you are genuine and in turn helps build attraction based off the notion that you are not in it for just a booty call, but may be a genuine person.

Ladies is this true.

I've had times when I don't talk about hooking up or talking about her sexiness and act like I'm talking to just a good friend, I notice that she becomes more interested in me...is this why
Also its funny because I have a friend who thinks he cannot attract women due to his weight (which is around 200lbs) but he has many female friends around him and he never really hits on them but they hit on him at times...

My other question on this then is how do you achieve this without ending up in a friendly zone...if it truly exists


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  • Yes. For the reason you described, and also:

    1. We like to be treated as normal human beings

    2. I would like to end up with a guy who's mature enough to not lose his sh*t whenever a woman is showing some skin

    3. I WANT to start out as just friends, it's how I get to know the guy before jumping into a relationship with him


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  • Ya that's true . We dress up so you find us attractive, of course, but we want you to care about other stuff in the first place.

    Of course you can make a compliment or two, just make sure not to overdo it or say anything inappropriate

  • as long as I connect with a guy intellectually/ psychologically. I don't mind compliments. if all he talks about is my body. then he probably has few interests in life outside of sex. if I'm not interested in a ons I won't be interested in him.


    Girls are girls. They like to be complimented and noticed and be told they look nice. Maybe not checked out but let her know that she looks good and she's beautiful just the way she is from time to time.

    Obviously when you guys are talking and your checking out her chest and her body is a turn off, so yeah keep your eyes on her face and get into the conversation.

    But when you guys are going to a party or somewhere important where she has to look good, well then tell her!

    I could be wrong but that's what I think. Goodluck.


    • lol yeah I agree with you and the girl below you. I've heard the same thing too like don't exaggerate the compliment...like you almost treat her as a good friend and she will begin to wonder if you are into her or not or whether she could "pull" you

  • yeah exactly because we need an emotional connection. basically be friendly and nice just slightly flirty, keep the comments g rated. it will make you seem more genuine and not like another guy who just wants ass. we will be intrigued. then we will start to wonder why you haven't been hitting on us and you will seem desirable so we will want that. you ease into it slowly

    if I was a man id be so good at getting girls :P

    • lol you can always teach me...im your robin lol

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  • If you want a good tip, that'll change your life..

    Never look at a girls boobs if she's got cleavage going, it works miracles

  • I find this isn't completely true. Women are like spoiled children - they WANT to be told they're beautiful and suck down compliments like a slurpee. I kept my mouth shut for years when talking with girls - NEVER hinting that I was interested in being anything more than friends with them... it never worked.

    It's a fine balance - you've GOT to compliment a girl to get her interest, but don't give her too much.

    Keep it 75% benign chatter, and 25% checking her out/compliment her... usually works.

    • yeah I agree with that. its like you don't wanna compliment her every time you see her...just maybe when she's really dolled up then you say something but not even much then.

    • i don't see ou having an success with adults if you see them as spoiled children. oh.. are you a pedophile?

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