What do I do about my boyfriend and family?

I told my boyfriend of 2 months that my dad and most of my family are racist. I didn't feel right not letting him know this and he hasn't text or called me in a week since I told him. I text him a couple of times and he did not reply. I told him that, ” I don't care what my Dad or family thought because you make me happy and that's what matters” and he still hasn't reply. What should I do.

-Thank You :)


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  • That really sucks :( I don't think he should be ignoring you, especially since you cannot change how your parents and relatives think. As long as you are not, it shouldn't make him ignore you. You should phone him and try to get in contact with him and meet up and talk because this is not fair to you. I dated a guy who told me his family was racist ( we were both of the same race so I wasn't a problem) and I knew that he couldn't help it and so did he. It's just something that you have to work out.


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  • Address him in person cause this way he will be obligated to answer you. Tell him what you feel in person so he can see your expression and feelings.

  • You should try meeting him up in person

    him ignoring your text messages and

    stuff could of very much has placed

    him in a situation where he may just

    move on I know you don't want this

    to happen but many times these things happen


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  • He is probably, understandably, turned off. I do think he could have been kinder and told you that was a problem instead of just cutting you off


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