Is it a date if a girl is allowing you to pick her up?

I'm going on some kind of date/hangout thing with a girl I've known for a couple years. I wanted it to be a date, but I had a feeling she was initially trying to force it into a "hangout", but as time has gone on the past couple weeks, she seems to have grown more open to the idea as a date. I planned the outing and I'm picking her up at her house and setting the time and doing all that. So would you consider that a date?

this is the first time we're hanging out one on one.


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  • not necessarily, friends can pick other friends up for outings. Did you tell her that you planned it to be a date?

    • considering the update to your question I say keep it casual. Don't treat it like a date if she may not think it's a date. If you two have a good time and want to schedule a second outing then you can ask her at that point if she wants to make it a date

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    • and does it make a difference if this outing was planned in advance? I mean with friends, it's like you just call 'em up and go somewhere. This was like a planned thing.

    • doesn't mate a shred of difference unless you are going some place nice that requires fancy dress

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  • of course its a date


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  • You can consider it whatever you want but unless you start flirting and break the touch barrier, you're going nowhere and it will retroactively be considered as 'hanging out'.

    • well, we usually touch each other and flirt in person so I don't think that'll be a problem.

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