Guys: Guys that only text & email - are they interested or not?

I've been talking to a guy about 3 weeks never calls only Facebook and text I asked him to call he said he doesn't like talking on the phone or w.e. I read an article online that said a guy that only text and emails is not interested is that true though? I'm just sick of even trying to figure guys out if he is not interested I'm done been single almost 3 years been trying to figure things out I'm done.

i asked if I would get a chance to see him one day he says maybe...


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  • Not necessarily true, although it's a possibility. When I'm chasing a girl, I only call her to plan a date. The reason is because I get extremely nervous over the phone. Even though irl I can talk to her fluently, and I know she'll say yes to a date.

    I think being nervous is a real turn-off, so that's why I don't call. Initially. If we're a couple, that's something entirely different.

    • depends on the guy huh? well I asked if I would get a chance to meet him one day he says maybe and basically ignored the question and said he was about 2 start a video game

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    • Not really though. If a guy says A, he means A. If he says B, he means B. Guys will almost never say A but trying to imply B.

    • im just confused maybe I need to wait like always and see

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  • Its possible it took my now girlfriend to get me to talk on the phone. I was interested, really interested, but at that point my confidence was at rock bottom and things werent too great so I seemed to avoid the situation because I was afraid of what might happen. Eventually I worked out my problems and I couldn't be happier. We talk all the time and I love it. I love hearing her cute little voice over the phone and I enjoy helping her go to sleep by talking to her at night. So there's a chance but it doesn't mean he's not interested, you really have to go off the character of the guy and judge for yourself if he's a genuine guy but might be a little hesitant because he's worried about how things might work out or whether or not he's toying with you

  • I don't think it says a lot about interest.

    It may raise a red flag he's not single.

  • it's not about being interested or not being interested. simply there are some people on the net who are not real (most of the people) . by that I don't mean anything like guys pretending girls. I mean people who live in networks. they have not enough courage to go out and live a real life. believe me that most of the guys on the net are so.

    • yea girls are like that too but I'm looking for something real

    • if you're looking for something real then better to take your chances with the guys around you. in school, university, at work and so on. it will work easier. I don't say you can't get to know real people in the net but well it just happens rarely.

  • Yes none of my business but I would call it quits with him


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  • I would lke to know the same thing. I've been talking to this guy (whos my new friend) for like already 5 months and still no call. He just texs and messages me on Facebook. That's it. Although we do see each other in person once in a while, I would like for us to talk on the phone when we don't see each other in person. I've tried several times to let him know that but it seems like he changes the topic... I mean I know were just friends but can I at least hear your voice... -.-

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