Kissing on last sight.

I had gone on a few dates with this girl that I found a strong connection with who had a lot more experience in sex and dating than I do. On our third (and final) date, she spent the night at my place. The next morning, I stayed with her at the train station until her train she needed to get home got there. When the train arrived, she kissed me (not French kissing, but just a peck on the lips.) And then went to the train. I texted her a few days after, and she gently said that she didn't want to see me again. Since I'm so inexperienced as a dater, I don't know if people typically do that. As a result, I felt like she led me on and used me to do things unmentionable in this category. when I found out how she felt. Do people usually kiss on the last site of someone they've been dating?


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  • I don't think it was enough to consider it a "kiss" that could entail a future, honestly. If it was just a "peck" and only 3 dates, a last peck might'be not been a huge deal to her, especially since she's experienced. That seems like a nice-ish way to say goodbye since it was just a casual goodbye kiss, but the whole sleeping with you beforehand (if that's what's implied by "spending the night") could definitely be misleading but to a woman who is experienced, it might just be another guy on the list. All in all, the peck doesn't seem like anything abnormal to do, nor 3 dates, sex and then deciding not to be with a person, sadly.


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