Did he lose interest?

So I met this guy while I was in Seattle. I ended up finding out that he was from the same city as me. He showed that he was interested in me, for example he was very eager to talk to me, he was flirting and being very playful. My friend who was with me agreed that he had a definite interest in me. We exchanged numbers and told him to give me a call / text sometime. 5 days later he texts me. In the messages that were exchanged he did flirt and I flirted back too. He also told me that he was very busy with work. A few days later I text him asking him if he wanted to do something later in the week (I figured why not) he told me he couldn't because he was busy with work but he wanted to see me and he'd let me know when he was free. I texted him 3 days later just to have a casual conversation and it went okay. He expressed again that he works crazy hours. Its been 2 1/2 weeks since I've last heard from him. Did he lose interest in me or is he genuinely really busy? Did I do something wrong? Should I text him again? (My only thing with texting him is that I don't want to initiate the conversation and bother him).
is he expecting me to ask him out again?
If I were to talk to him what do I say?


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  • Seems to me there's three possibilities:

    1. He's genuinely busy with work

    2. He playing hard to get

    3. You're not the only girl in his life

    Just my two cents

    • should I even bother texting him?

    • Seems like you really like the guy so I'd give it one more try and see what happens. If it doesn't work out, then move on

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  • "Hey how've you been? I was wondering if you were free this weekend to do xyz?"

    That's a thought


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