Can a guy like a girl and not be ready to date yet?

If he was in a long relationship before. or is it mostly an easy let down? Would you keep her stringing a long to feel wanted? How would you act if you really did just need time? What would you say to her? And would you tell her straight out that you aren't interested if you knew she liked you so she isn't possibly waiting for nothing?

I'm asking because a lot girls say if he liked you he would have been dating me by now, but guys say that he may really like you and not want you to be a rebound or hurt you so he really is waiting until he's ready. Which is it?


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  • Guys do tend to play the field on the rebound but that doesn't always mean they are ready to jump right back into a relationship with someone else. Give him some time and see what happens. Don't wait too long.

    • He isn't playing the field, he said when he's ready he wants me.

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