I can't force a connection. I feel awful how do I go about this?

I met this guy. He is the nicest guy on earth. We haven't known each other for long. No more than two weeks. But I feel we have moved much too fast. I'm overwhelmed. He tells me he cares for me and wants to make me happy and wants to be with me. We have kissed a couple times but I don't feel a connection. At first I did, but after our last date which went really well, we kissed quiet a lot, I had this realization that I can't force a connection. How do I break it off gently. I'm sure it will be a shock to him since I have given no out ward signs of my feelings.


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  • quite* there are no magic words you are going to say to him to make him sh*t rainbows after breaking up with him.. You can word it a thousand ways but it's not going to make it less painful for him, if you don't feel it well you don't feel it.

  • Why not tell him you want to move slower? Maybe your not attracted to him physically or you don't really want a good guy?


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