Confused after first date

I went out on a date with this girl I met recently. We had an amazing time together, we didn't get to finish our meals because we were too busy talking. after dinner we walked around our town for about an hour continued talking. She had a bit of a cold and was continually apologizing for it, at the end of the date she initiated a hug and said "I will see you again"

about an hour after the date I sent her a text telling her I had a good time and I hope she feels better. I haven't gotten a response back from her yet and it has been two days. So would it be wise if I called or texted her to set up a second meeting with this girl? I don't want to seem desperate.
Well I just received a text from her thanking me for taking her out, but said the age difference is too much for her but she will still see me around. So another question I have is is it possible for a girl to get over it? I'm 28 she is 19 but every person that has encountered me thinks I am 19 or 20


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  • Maybe she felt as if that was no appropriate response to that text since she had already told you she had a good time. Try contacting her again.

    • Re:Update - Time to let it go now. She gave it a chance by going on the date, but age differences like that can be uncomfortable. You're in two completely different worlds. She's college-aged, fresh out of high school, and you've been in the adult world for at least 5-6 years. You looking or acting like your 19-20 means nothing (except that you're immature for your age). It's the life difference that is affecting her, and that's something you cannot change.

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  • You should have thanked her for the good time when you were with her in person. Don't text! Call her on Wed, or Thurs and set up a date for Mon. or Tues of next week.

    • Its possible the age thing is an issue for her. Maybe she wanted a free meal. Did she not know your age before she agreed to the date?

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