Is he really into me or is he just playing nice?

Met a guy on an online website. We talked on there for about a month or two. Then we moved to texting. we've been texting for about a month as well...Got a couple good morning texts from him & almost every time we texted it was quite a couple hours. He calls me silly, goofball & what?! Girl? lol One day I was working out w my roommate & she accidentally tossed the medicine ball too hard. I wasn't thinking fast enough & it hit me in the face. I told him & he said to ice it. Next day he texted asking how I was feeling.

I talked to my roommate about it. I was worried that I was being pushy & clingy. She suggested that I ask him how he feels about me. So I sent him this: Hey Louie...I have a question. I don't wanna seem pushy or out of place but I'm just wondering what you think of me...I knw we've just texted for a couple weeks & I've been the instigator but I'm just curious... I'm just wondering if we are 'on the same page' I don't want to be pushy or needy or annoying like I've done before... :-\ I hope I'm not making things awkward...

His response: Your not being pushy I think your a really fun girl Sherry:-)

Any idea what I should reply back?


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  • I think he's into you. He's been talking/texting with you for weeks with no apparent ulterior motive. And when you step forward and asked point blank, "Hey what do you think of me?" Instead of running away (a common reaction when a guy feels cornered) , he reassures you that you're not being pushy and goes on to say that you're a really fun girl. That all tells me he likes you. As far as what to do next, I'd respond with something like, "Oh, you just totally made my day! :)" It's a fitting response that's not too smothering. Then just keep doing what you've been doing. Talk with him. Enjoy his company Let things develop naturally. Good luck.


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  • I think he is probably interested in you, but he's worried you might not feel the same way. If you reassure him that you think he's a great guy and really interesting, and that you like talking to him a lot, maybe then he will be more direct. Even if he isn't, you could ask him what he sees you as, that way it's a little more direct but not too direct. The best of luck to you! :)

  • I don't know what's up with these good morning texts. I've gotten those also. Maybe it's just part of

    "THE GAME".

    • lol yeah maybe! He only did those a couple of times!

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