I ran away from a guy that chased me and now I do not know if he is interested?

Well I didn't run away, but that's what you guys call it when a girl you chase after acts uninterested or a bit distant. I am just shy, but now I'm worried he has lost interest altogether. I've liked him a year but I've been preoccupied with guys I've dated, and I had a boyfriend not so long ago but it ended. I'm not saying that's the only reason I want to make the effort with the guy, as he's been on my mind when I've been dating and when I was with my boyfriend. He's in my heart and I feel a connection when I see him. Its pretty rare to find so I just hope that he understands that I've just been so caught up with the wrong people and now I've realized why it didn't work with anyone else as he's the only guy I think I could see myself with. The spiritual connection and feeling I get around him is pretty amazing! When he's around I'm numb and scared to trip up! I know for sure he likes me as he made so much effort to talk and get close to me. I've not seen him for three weeks, he's not around much anymore :( I am overly sad! An I just wish he knew how I felt the same way he does.


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  • Call him and talk to him.

    “Do one thing every day that scares you.”

    ? Eleanor Roosevelt

    Have fun with it and enjoy life to the fullest. If you are nervous, you may just need to prepare ahead of time to come up with questions and topics to ask him about to get him to talk about himself.

    • Don't have his number :( sadly. Wish I did :). An yeah I can prepare but even then I will be totally starstruck when I see him. The questions will be gone out my head, an I'll be like ermmmm :/ nothing comes out. It's like my mouth is being zipped shut and the only thing I do is feel like my heart stopped and I'm in total awe of him. An then later after I see him, I'm mad at myself for not talking to him.

  • You need to tell him.

    I had a girl I was interested in, and I was pretty sure she liked me too. But for some reason unknown to me she began avoiding me, just not able to talk to me, utter words, speak loud enough. I haven't spoken to her in months, but if she would tell me now that she likes me then I would ask her out (again). But this is because I still like her.

    If your guy is over you and moved on, he may not be interested anymore. But since you already waited for so long, don't waste any more time and just tell him how you fell. It's the quickest way to find out.

    • Yeah I think he knows I like him, but he probably thinks not enough for me to tell him how I feel. I'm just shy that's all but I defo like him and would love to go out with him somewhere (anywhere) I just feel so alive around him. Sounds strange I noo! I don't think he is over me well I hope not. Last time I saw him he stared at me and as I walked past and looked back he walked back into the road and seemed to be looking straight at me. I know I need to talk to him but he's not around hardly :(

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    • I hear you, been there. Good luck, I hope he's still into you :)

    • Thanks :) an yeah me too, my senses tell me he still his. An my gut feeling is that he likes me but doesn't know how I feel so he has probably come to the conclusion that I don't like him... !

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