How do you know if it's a date or a hangout?

I asked this girl out, but I'm wondering whether she thinks if it's a date or a hangout. I asked her out a few days in advance, I've planned everything, we've never hung-out one on one before. I'm picking her up. We're going someplace causal, though, where we can walk and interact. We had to delay it a couple days because she had a sibling in town who was staying with her.


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  • Hanging out = hanging out with a person platonically. There is no kissing, flirting, or sexual tension. Going dutch and coming and going separately are also signs of "hanging out."

    Dating = Going together as couple or with the intent to create a romantic relationship.

    • so what does my event look like? We're flirty in person and this is the first time we're doing stuff one-on-one. I'm intending to flirt with her.

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    • I'm picking her up and taking her to a cider mill, hay ride thing for 3 hours or so. I asked her a few days in advance.

    • Well, that definitely sounds like a date to me.