How important is the first date for you if you already like the guy?

You have a huge crush on this guy. You think he is super cute and have been wanting and waiting for him to talk to you.

He finally does and he even asks you out!

How important is the date in this case? If he is shy and the date is a little awkward is this a huge turn off or will you be more compelled to try and make it work?

What if he takes you to a place or to do something you are not particularly fond of?


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  • Very important. It shows how well he knows me and how hard he's going to try in the relationship. It also shows me what his tastes are, and how he treats everyone we come in contact to is also important. It's basically a trial run and if I don't like how he treats others, really don't like his tastes, or it's obvious he's not even trying to get to know me, odds are, there won't be a second date.


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  • Me, I would be compelled to try and make it work. The date should be easy going nothing to dramatic, maybe a place that you 2can get to know each other better, once you have your bonding time first, hopefully it should all fall into place after the initial meet...good luck keep me up dated.

  • Very. It would have to be something fun and enjoyable.

    It's OK if he's quiet since I can be/used to be quiet as well.


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