How long should the first date last?

Obviously it depends on what you're doing... but ideally how long should it last? It's with someone you have never hung out with before. Just some random person that approached you and talked for a few minutes, got your number, and then called to set up the date.
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  • 1-2 Hours
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  • 2-3 Hours
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  • 3-5 Hours
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Just wondering because at this point, our only plans are getting dinner. I don't know if I should add on something to that... like bowling or a walk along a river nearby.


Most Helpful Girl

  • HONESTLY why is that in caps? <_< hmmmm anyways...if I REALLY oh wait you just said a few mins...meh thennn I would just chil with them for one well lets make it 2 just in case...cuz one hour..not a lot to do sh*t and it's weird and kinda feels like you're cutting it short or you could just do the reg norm thing movies and dinner and then leave.

    • if you took mi to a river after I just met you..i'd think you were going to kill mi...but that just mi. lol.

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What Girls Said 3

  • I voted B, it's enough to get a feel of the person but still leave some mystery. Word of advice I wouldn't suggest walking by a river, that seems a bit serial killerish.

  • 2-3 hours. You want enough time to get to know each other but not so much that it gets boring.

  • B...


What Guys Said 2

  • Just long enough to figure out if you can stand being around her for extended periods of time. You can usually tell in 1-3 hours.

  • about an hour. drinks/coffee.

    • Dinner is pretty substantial if you don't know each other -at all-.

      You could have an idea for something after if things are going -amazing-, but otherwise just save it for date 2.

    • Cool. Sounds good to me... that's actually just what I thought of! If it's just fine I'll just be done with it. But if we're non stop talking, laughing, etc, I'll ask if she wants to go on a random walk where we'll either end up at the bowling place or the river.

    • As others said, night time walks by the river may make her nervous if she doesn't know you well.

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