Do I fail? if so how can I change?

i'm 16 and never had a girlfriend. I'm nothing special and lets just say I'm not the greatest looking guy out there. my friends joke with me and say even Hitler had a girlfriend and stuff and I laugh. people say I need to get a girlfriend but I just say I'm not ready. a girl asked me out but I never wanted to meet her so I didn't. what should I do ?


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  • It sounds like your fears lie within yourself and you are holding yourself back from making progress.

    If it is a girl you want, then telling yourself that you are not ready is just an excuse. The same goes for when you didn't go out with the girl who asked you out. At your age, much of it comes down to interacting with girls and getting experience so you know what to do in the future.

    However, that means you have to make a conscious decision and decide that you want to interact and socialize with girls. You are the only person who can help you get what you truly want and desire.

    I used to be the same way and for some reason I would not socialize or interact with girls and told myself that I was too young or not ready. Eventually I realized that if I wanted to be friends with girls or interact with girls I would need to break out of my shell and make an effort to progress with them.

    Only you can make yourself ready and get the girlfriend you want.

    Here is a great resource for some teen advice that I think can help you break out of your shell along with proper motivation:



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  • try and mellow out a bit. put the social pressure into perspective. the first girl will be the one you remember, and you SHOULDN'T date her because of peer pressure. I'm 17 and I've had one fling and flirted around with a couple of people but not a proper relationship, I notice girls liking me sometimes but I won't go for them unless I really feel like I want to, and you should stick to your principles, don't date someone because you want a girlfriend. get rid of the "not ready" excuse as well, its just a case of finding one you really want.

    i actually fancy someone at the moment AT LAST after a year and a half, and I'm dead cert she likes me as well, but in the meantime I've been through a girl I thought I liked but didn't really, and I dated a friend I thought I liked which didn't come close to working out, but if you just relax a little you'll find someone you really want and then you'll find you actually are ready. it'll take time, but try to get to a stage where you aren't bothered by being single, but at the same time you're ready to want a relationship when you meet someone.

  • It all depends on whether you want a girlfriend or not. Sounds like you don't. Who cares what your friends say, they are just busting your balls, that's what friends do. Start making fun of them saying how whipped they are.

  • you can't fail if you never start, comes to mind, you said uve never had a gf, that doesn't mean you failed just means ur afraid to start dating, because you might fail... fear of failure is always harsh but don't tell yourself you're gonna fail, tell yourself you're gonna succeed, and ull do fine