Is it harder to date the older you get?

So I have hit a point, the girls my age don't really get me, the women who are much older do. Having a relationship with them is difficult with the age difference. So I have resolved that a good relationship is unlikely to come along until I am older.

I am fine with waiting, I have a few friends with benefits, and some friends with whom I can confide in, I have a lot of my needs met and am okay living the single life. But I have been wondering if this waiting thing will be a good plan in the end, I mean is it harder to get a date the older you get?


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  • It's harder to date, when you are out of practice.

    That doesn't always mean when you're older.

    If you've been married for 20 years and divorce when you're 40, you're going to find it really really hard, because you have maybe 3 years dating experience and you're 20 years out of practice.

    If you're like me, and coming up on 40, but have never had a serious long term relationship (5 years or more) then dating is really really easy.

    • I make it a point to go out to lunch with a friend of mine a few times a month, though the relationship is platonic, we do consider it a date type of venture.

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    • I like to say I am able to handle a lot of different kinds of people, I am good with people, just not crazy young people...

    • That's good then. If you can avoid falling into that trap, of expecting and assuming your partner to be a certain way, just because that's what you're used to, then you'll be fine dating-wise.

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  • Remember, girls in your age range are batsh*t crazy. Just like how guys are toward girls.

    Basically, dating and relating in your early to mid 20s is full of annoyance and frustration because everyone is going through the same cluster eff of finding themselves/their place in life, all while sowing their wild oats because they're testing adult waters.

    Overall, just go with the flow and if successful dating happens, then yay. If not, then whatever. You have your thing to do and that's that. People put way too much stock in dating. Its 2012, not the mid 20th century where your life goal was to get a job and get married. Relationships are NOT a necessity anymore. Eventually everyone wants to get there, but there really isn't a rush.

    As for getting older? I don't think it's TOO different, but I think everyone takes it a bit more seriously because you are hitting an age where you're growing out of the party phase and some people actually want to start settling down. So relationships are more about potential mate as opposed to just for fun. This does depend on the individuals, though. Some people just don't grow up. But I do know that the bs you faced in your early 20s isn't as prevalent if you're in your late 20s/early 30s. There's not as much immaturity/stupid crap going on.

    • I do want a family, and want a spouse to share my life with, I am not overly eager to get there. I am OK with not dating anyone seriously. For me I am out of the party phase. I have been since I was old enough to get into bars. I dislike the immaturity and the lack of self people have. I know who I am not what I want to do, but at least I know who I am. I just worry that once I get to the point where girls are settling down that there will be slim pickings and that finding a someone will be hard

    • Nah, don't stress over it.

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  • probably for those that are inexperienced


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