Does he like me? or what does he want from me?

He is American. But I'm not American. My English is not perfect. So I hope you understand it.

we both live far from each other, had only one date. We usually talk to each other by text. I thought he likes me at first. So I went to his town to see him -4 hours from my place. We had fun that night. We kissed and he called me baby. But the next day, I sent him text before I go back home as " I'm leaving."

But he didn't text me back. So I thought he doesn't like me and is not interested in me anymore. So I stopped sending texts. And He hadn't sent me any text for 6 days either.

Last Friday, He sent me text all of sudden as "why you don't text me?. is it another man? " I text him back directly " Because you didn't' text me back, I thought you don't like me"

He said He likes me and he hopes that we can trust each other even if we are far away. And then He said he doesn't want to end what we just started.

He started to send me text first again(everyday in the morning) And we plan to meet on next weekend in my hometown, sleeping over at my home. (I live with parents and he knows it)

He keeps saying he wants to see me every weekends and to see me all the time... But I don't understand the thing he didn't text me back after the first date and hadn't sent me text for 6 days. Do you think he want me to be in relationship or just flirting?


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  • I think he does like you and is interested in getting to know you better, he was prob just trying to play a little hard to get, and was prob thinking the same thing you are, he prob thought you didn't like him. neverth less, he did text yo back so I think you should put that behind you and look to the future and start talking to him.


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  • I have no idea why he waited, maybe he thought "I'm leaving" met more than going home. But he texted, you get a wakeup text, he wants to see you, will visit, he is more than flirting.

    He sounds like he is willing to explore a relationship, not just get in your pants...

    After all, he knows you live with your parents. So see what happens.

    Have fun :)


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  • Communication is key in a relationship you should ask him it could be a variety of things-things might have taken him by surprise-he was waiting to see if you were interested or he was waiting to see if you would talk to him, don't accept what if's if you are not yet in a relationship and are planning to get in one since your planning to meet again don't let small things get to you and clear things up before things go any further

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