What is the best way to do the first kiss? Girls read into it so much.. How to make them read good things?

Like I feel like standing would be uncomfortable... I would like to be at my place watching a movie and talking and just go for it... Are there better ways?

Do almost all girls like the same method?

  • Standing at her door at end of 3-5 date
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  • Quick peck on lips when she looks cute.
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  • Ease into making out
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  • Make out standing without tong
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  • None of the above.
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  • it really depends. it is always a bit awkward. I don't think you should make out right away with tongue and all.

    if it's a good kiss it will shortly turn into making out.

    the last guy I dated..our first kiss we were saying bye (but not by my house we went out) and he kissed both my cheeks and wasn't moving away and we both obviously wanted to kiss each other and our heads just kind of moved together. I moved mine in but not all the way and so did he and then we kissed. it wasn't even awkward or weird like the first kiss often is.

    it was just a peck but then about a few seconds later we started making out. he didn't use a lot of tongue though even though on our next date he did. it was such a tease but it was great kissing anyway and we kept doing it because we were very attracted to each other.


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  • I'm gonna assume you're asking about the first kiss for a couple, and not a first kiss period.

    The first time I kiss a guy, I like it to be simple. Sweet and gentle. I don't like to make out or even open-mouth kiss right away, A first kiss is for learning about the other person and seeing how compatible you are. Definitely don't jump into anything.

  • Just don't think about it too much. It doesn't matter if you're sitting down or standing up. When the moment feels right, just go for it. Make it semi-long but don't use tongue. It will probably be a little awkward no matter what but she probably won't actually read into it too much.


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