Is she flaky or just not interested

I met this girl on a free dating website.. We started emailing each other and things seemed to be going well. She told me that hadn't met anyone in person from the site because it kind of freaks her out. I told her that fear is mutual on both ends, and that she could be a 40 year old creep with fake pictures. She found some humor in it. I ended up asking her if I could give her my number and if she felt comfortable then she could give me a call about meeting up. Well she replied by giving me her number! So I call her the next day the conversation went as follows:

Me: Hey is this _______?

Her: Yes it is

Me: Hey its Brandon, we met on

Her: Oh, hey! How are you?

Me: I'm good, how's it going?

Her: Oh ya know workin..

Me: Oh your not too busy are you?

Her: umm.. no

Me:I was actually wondering if you would be available later on this week, maybe Thursday afternoon?

Her: Yeah, Thursday is fine.(followed by a little giggle)

Me: great do you know where________ is?

Her: yeah.

Me: Does 730pm sound good...

Her: Oh wait, I can't Thursday

Me: oh, okay well do you have some sort of calendar or schedule( I had my schedule all laid out, I was prepared)

Her: actually would it be okay if I texted you in a little bit?

Me: yea sure no problem, it was nice to talk to you!

Her: you too.


So where should I go from here? how much longer should I wait without hearing a response, or should I just move on and put it behind me?


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  • I recommend waiting a couple of days. Consider that she might actually be busy that day and that she is really nervous and not sure about what to do. Wait a couple of days, or if you guys talk online. Talk for a while and then bring it up. If not call her some other day just talk and then when she is all comfortable bring it up. See if she accepts this time, I would say yo can do that about 3 times if you get an excuse again. After the 3 time id leave it, I mean might mean she is not interested anymore.


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