Is this guy for real that I met on skout online dating site

i met a guy on skout and have been talking to him for about a month he seems really nice, but he is in a foreign country in the military in nigeria and I know that a lot of scammers are over there and I don't know if I am talking to a guy or someone else how can I tell?


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  • Whose military?

    Ask him questions about: what ever military he says he is in, abou nigeria, like weather, politics, places he has visited and hen compare answers to Wikipedia or oher places you can research

    Be careful

    • i have asked questions like the weather he said it was cold there... and I googled it and it I checked his email and it came up on the anti scam list so idk...and when I say anything to him he says that I am doubting him...

    • Don't challenge, say Tell me about... What is x like? What was growing up like?

      If he gets mad say "I trust you, but for my safety I need to verify. Can you appreciate and respect that?". If he does he will want to help you and make you feel safe. If he doesn't then he doesn't care about you

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  • He is a scammer. They all start off with conversations back and forth and eventually ask for money or some favor to help them transfer money or he says he plans to visit soon. Sorry, but it's a scam.

  • if from Nigeria them surely it is another scam

    • he was from lagos before I was just wondering but he has never asked me for money or anything like that.

    • Lagos is one of the largest cities and shanty towns in Africa too

      Internet access is very sparse in that area too

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