Why doesn't she hold a conversation?

I recently ran into a girl that I used to be friends with a long time ago (roughly 6 years). I wanted to ask her out back then, but never got the courage to do it. We fell out of communication and went our separate ways. A lot has changed in these long years, and I messaged her on Facebook the other day because I was bored and curious. She answered quickly, giving me her phone number and asking if I wanted to hang out the next day to catch up. I picked her up after my shift at work, and we had a great time all night.

Now, I am interested in dating her, but can't tell is she is or not. When we were hanging out, she always looked me right in the eyes when I was speaking. She was open and cool and we share a lot in common. I spent about 3 hours just talking to her and loving every second of it. When the time came to take her home, she requested that I walk her to the door. She hugged me and said that we have to hang out more, and I agreed. She hugged me a second time, and then I started walking away. She stayed at the door until I was all the way down her driveway and then we exchanged waves, and she went inside.

Then, over the next few days I've been chilling out, debating my next move. Whenever we get into a conversation via text or Facebook, she answers with short incomplete sentences. (Which is a major pet peeve of mine, as it makes me feel like the other person doesn't really care to talk.) I can't tell if she just doesn't like texting or what, but it seems like she doesn't care enough to hold a decent conversation with me. Are some girls just like that, or did I screw something up?


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  • I would think she doesn't talk much on Facebook or texting,no point in assuming she doesn't care or you did something wrong, if it seemed to go well. Maybe try arranging another time to hang out with her and seeing how that goes


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