Dating someone diffrent (A challenge)

Okay so, I was thinking the past fea serle about dating in particular and I thought: what if I dated someone that I don't usually go for.

Would I find that diffrent is good?

Would I see that I am unattracted to those that aren't my type?

I want to challenge everyone that reads this to go on a date with ONE person you normaly would not and comment below on your experience.

If you've had a similiar experience than please feel free to share your experience also.

Everyone be nice or get reported. Thanks! :)

  • I would/have dated someone outside of my type or comfort zone
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  • I never would/have dated someone outside of my type or comfort zone
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  • I've chosen things off a menu that I had no clue about and loved the experience. Really, it's just a frikkkn date, not a life sentence. Read Stumbling on Happiness and you'll learn that humans do a rather poor job of making choices that will make their future selves happy. We just don't know ourselves that well, and we really don't know our future selves. Just stay away from addicts and felons . . .that could never end well.


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  • I'd definitely do it for the experience. And who knows, I might actually like how it turns out.

    • Exactly! Who knows! :)

  • It's always good to try new things, but its also good to know what you like. Experiment, it won't hurt!

  • i'll get back to you when I actually get a date. *sobs* forever alone T_T

    • Aw :( cheer up pumkin!There's someone for everyone

  • I don't think I would, since the things I look for are pretty much lifestyle things.

    • Valid point. But how about your "type?"

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