Guy friend confusion

So I'm a bit of a girl gamer, and I met this great set of guys via Xbox and we've become like best friends. And one of them always joked saying he was going to marry me, etc. the other day he just randomly messages me saying hey here's my number, I'm always on my phone, so we like texted for a few days and he kind of got flirty with me saying "green eyes are the best" "you're perfect" and I was beginning to think he really liked me, but now he hasn't texted in a few days, and sort of ignores me on Twitter, we do party chat on Xbox frequently though. What's going on?


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  • Please, don't take this so seriously because a) you're young and b) it's over xbox.

    If you've never met in real life, it's incredibly easy to feel like you're falling in "love" because you basically get to visualize the other and let your mind go wild with how perfect they are.

  • um, well honestly without knowing the guy face-to-face it's hard to tell, imo that always seems creepy when a guy does that. I want to at least know what they look like and they're real personality


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