Soooo.... I'm actually nervous about my date tomorrow :/

I'm normally very confident with this. Just go out and have a good time. But this girl seems to be amazing and I feel like this is my first shot at a relationship in a while(it's only the first date, but I just have this feeling something real could happen...). I think I'm mainly nervous because lately I've been very bad at conversations. No idea why. Normally I'm amazing at just keeping things flowing.

Anyway, what are some things to talk about on our first date? I honestly don't know much about her... we're just getting to know each other.

And again I normally don't worry about this, but I'm having a minor breakout of pimples. Nothing crazy, but they came since I've had my fall allergies... are they a big deal? They aren't big, or anything. Just random red spots :(


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  • Just take a deep breath.

    Inhale, exhale.

    She is probably just has nervous has you are.

    Since you don't know much about her, then you have a lot to ask.

    -Try asking her some basic questions.

    -What does she do for fun?

    Try picking one of her interests and forming a conversation out of it,.

    If you feel like you can't, just make a comment, "That's something

    I really like too."

    -Ask her about her personality/or who she thinks she is has a person etc.

    Has your date continues, questions and conversations will naturally flow.

    There really is no guide line.

    Either you two have chemistry or you do not.

    Trust me everything will be fine.

    Also, don't worry about the minor break outs , I'm sure she won't even notice.

    • I just feel weird because the only date I've ever been nervous for was my first one ever. Now all of a sudden I'm getting that feeling again haha. I'm actually 19... not in my twenties by the way :P so a couple more questions if you have the time:

      1) What if it's more than just a minor breakout? It's not bad, I don't know what your definition of minor is.

      2) We're on campus and I don't have my car. So is it OK just to go out to dinner and if things go well then a walk after? Or is that boring?

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    • I'll joke with her about not being able to leave campus and the awesome things we are missing out on ;) hint at the future and make her curious of other things I have in mind.

    • That's a great idea.Adding humor to your situation will show her positive points to your personality. If you're worried about the walk being boring try to make it brief (10 min).Walk her back to her dorm and tell her you really enjoyed her company. Trust me, nothing is a huge bore when you have chemistry and genuinely enjoys someones company.

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  • Relax, she is probably nervous too, rest assured that if she accepted your date request, then she probably likes you. I would ask her things about herself like what she is into. Make sure that you look like you are paying attention to her; we girls like to see that others are interested in what we are saying. If you find that you have things in common with her, as she speaks, let her know.

  • Just be calm, cheerful and good humored. And ask what her interests are as of late. This will get her talking about herself, something we girls love to do. Just nod your head as you look at her and say "! Fascinating!" :p


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  • Best advice is to just relax. Don't overthink what to say or what to wear. Just be confident, and straightforward. Ask her about herself, her interests, her goals, it's kind of a cliche but girls love to talk about themselves. Again, don't sweat it. If she agreed to the date in the first place she must have some kind of interest. Just be yourself and don't worry about blowing it.

  • be cool dude just do what you said keep the convo going and most importantly make her laugh a lot get to know more about her

    hope I helped. help me out and answer my question ?


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