Should I text him on his birthday?

My "ex" (I said that with quotations because I never considered it as a serious relationship) and I broke up on May. He was the one who insisted to stay as friends, and that lasted perfectly fine for a month, until he met a new girl. He agreed to be fine if we start to date other people, but when he met her, he made it clear he wanted to stop talking to me, forever. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe he was (back then) not over me.

I've been thinking a lot about him lately. The last time we talked was almost 4 months ago. I really want to be update, but I know I don't want him back in anyway. I know that his birthday is coming (well, in a month or so) and I'm not sure if I should contact him or not. If so, should I do it via text, or on Facebook message (we aren't Facebook friends anymore, obviously)?


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  • My opinion is no Facebook friends, no contact, = no birthday text. Prayers for him or just good thoughts and wishing him well without contact should be more than sufficient.

    Don't like my answer? Then flip a coin. Best two out of three should be your decision. But what do I know? I've never met either party.


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  • text him since you don't have him on fb so texting is good . it won't be bad thing just like you said you wanted to remain freinds so go ahead do it

    hope I helped ! answer my question please ?


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  • I would not text or call him for his birthday,he dropped the friendship because he has a new girlfriend so you should respect this new relationship. I'm sure he will get all the birthday wishes he needs from his new girl.Yours won't really matter and you could upset his new gf,u know most women don't like their man staying in touch with an ex.


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