My friend says he hates texting, but he texts me all the time?

I have trouble speaking because I stammer, so I love texting. My guy friend who I met a couple months ago has been texting me first just about everyday (sometimes I text first but we end up talking everyday somehow). I have only texted first a few times because I like him but I don't want him to know I do- but whether I text him or he texts me first, he always asks me how my day was, and keeps telling me random things or things about his day to keep the convo going until I say I have to go.

We see each other in person and have conversations at least twice a week, and I only stammer a little when speaking to him, but I've said before that I hate talking on the phone because I stammer worse on the phone. But just recently we were standing with a group of friends talking about texting, and he said he hates texting. Why would he text me so much when he hates it? Should I try calling him (I know he loves talking on the phone)? If I call him and I can't speak very well, will he still appreciate that I made the effort or will he not like it because it'll be awkward?


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  • If I were you I would text him about calling, like mention you were thinking of calling him then seeing what he says about that and if he seems to want you to, you call and if it goes awkward you can just text him about how you aren't good at phone calls, then at least you tried calling him.

  • We'll if he hates texting and he still texts you then that means you are just that important to him and yea you can call him if you want it will change things up am sure he will appreciate it if he's doing something for you that he hates you can at least him it a try and see how it goes


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