Good night with her. How to ask her out?

I have NO GAME. None. This girl from work who has worked there as long as I had got laid off on her last day (some people only work in the summer. She can now not come back. BS reasons. She was one of the best employees). Anyway, I myself am leaving that job for crap they've pulled on me, her, and countless others. My last day is Friday.

Last night she and I hung out for first time. I had texted her about chatting and grabbing a drink. We went to dinner at a small little bar a block from her apartment. We had a good time spending almost 2.5 hours there. Wasn't an official date though. I tried to pay for her meal as a sign of interest but she said "I can't allow that". When I told her it was no big deal she said "No, I'll pitch in. You're almost out of a job anyway". So she threw in her $20 side of the bill. We laughed, bitched about work, etc. She had said she didn't know how it would be going out with somebody from work because of her emotions around it, but it did feel good.

Oh also of note, somebody I went on an internet date with months ago mentioned me to her. They had gone to school together. See we work at the only place like it in the state, so when I had mentioned that in our date, it got back to my friend 'Linda' who brought it up. I told her it was just one of those things where we didn't click, but her friend was nice. Linda said 'Hey that happens, and I don't even talk to her much anymore. She's kind of overbearing'. I deflected that not wanting to seem a jerk. But I hope her knowing I didn't make it two dates with somebody isn't a black mark.

Anyway, we hugged at the end last night and said goodbyes and we should do it again sometime. Linda mentioned there are plenty of cool bars and restaurants in the area.

How do I ask her on a real date? Call her to plan the next outing and say something that initiates I don't want to be friends, it's me taking her out? Some tips on what to say or do would be real helpful


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  • text her and tell her again how you enjoyed her company and now that you won't be working at the same place either officially she wouldn't be going out with someone from work,then ask her if she would like to get together again sometime if she agrees.

    • I live at home, but have the house to myself all weekend. Would it be too forward to call her and ask if she wanted to come over and I cook her dinner? I'm honestly not just looking for sex, and so I don't want "come over and eat" to be perceived that way.

    • you could ask her,if she says she won't be comfortable you could always fix her a plate at home and bring it to her or meet at the park for a picnic

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  • Good luck! Keep at her!


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