Did he go cold? after what we've done?

He sent me some of his naked photos, and I also did it. (cause he wanted it so much) He told me that he wanted to be my first, and want to make sweet love with me.

But then I felt regret and text him,

"I am so ashamed of myself for what I did,maybe we should have seen each other in the right way. But now, I feel like I lost my personality and betrayed my family" I said to him.

And then, he sent this message to me "My last message was so ecstatic one. please forget it. I was so rude and eager."

and this one, "Whis I could change your way you think, but I think its that you don't want not something else my girl."

So Did he go cold? after what we've done?


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  • I think if he said "Whis I could change your way you think, but I think its that you don't want not something else my girl." then he was hit in the head and should go to the grammar hospital. Disregard any of that and pray for a speedy recovery.

    • English is not his mother toungue. Sorry about that ... could you please help, if you understand what he tried to say? and if he get cold from me?

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    • Then tell me what should I tell him? if I'm OK with that...

    • Tell him that you are not unhappy with sending the pictures and you like his pictures. We are all human sexual beings and what you did was not unhealthy or wrong. You want to see him and are happy.

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  • My explanation would be... When a guy gets horny like that it can kinda take over his mind. Sending naked photos is the closest he can get to having sex with you without you actually being anywhere near him. It has nothing to do with love, and honestly if he loved you he wouldn't care about naked photos. My advice would be to not do that again. Its demeaning. If it caused you to lose respect for yourself, then take it as a lesson learned and don't do it again. If he loves you, he will understand.

    • Thank you but I want to ask you about the things he has been saying about.

      What do you think the words that he used says about the love? How its sounds like? is it like he got cold from me or something else? I have to understand it. help me, please.

    • I'm sorry, I can't really understand, is English not your native language? You say "he got cold from me" but what do you mean by that? try to explain to me what he told you

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