Guys if you're interested in a girl, how often would you text her and how many days could you go without texting?

Say you text each other every day but then you didn't speak for a day or two. How many days break would you feel was acceptable before you wanted to text her again?


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  • I would hope to never text her. Texting is the absolute worst form of communication, and most guys hate texting and only text at the beginning of a relationship because:

    1) Girls like to text, and

    2) They're trying to get the girl.

    One they GET the girl, most guys don't text much at all, and they certainly do NOT want to have text conversations. A quick text that only requires a very brief answer is fine, but guys don't want to sit and text on their phones all night.

    Guys want to talk to you FACE-TO-FACE, and when you aren't face-to-face, the guy is probably doing other things that he needs to do. It doesn't mean he isn't thinking about you, but in most cases he's happy to wait to talk to you until you're face-to-face again; he doesn't feel the need to share every little thought with you RIGHT NOW. If something is important, he'll CALL you, because at least you can hear tone of voice and emotional context in a voice call. Texting gives you none of that, and texting very often leads to misunderstandings as a result.

    So, the bottom line is:

    Texting largely means NOTHING in your relationship. Do NOT put a lot of weight on how or when or if guys text you, or how long it takes them to respond to you. Texting is NOT how you measure a relationship.


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  • I would text her one day, and see how much feedback I can get and how much conversation there is. Depending on that I would text her maybe the next day but just something like "hey I hope you have a nice day blabalbla..." then id wait like one day then text call. Texting too much can be, a turn off for a girl I guess, not a sex turn off, but like she will get bored I guess , so (text conversation, text like have a good day, no text and then call)...then when it comes natural ill text or call, whatever feels like better.

    There is no day limit I mean it depends on how much you guys are connecting, if the girl ttakes too long in answering I wouldn't text her nxt day, if she is all responsive and interested I would text her next day or CALL HER. haha

  • She can text whenever she likes. I could go weeks without texting, personally.


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