Why did he start telling my friend why he booty-called me?

So this gu keeps sending me "heys" and "what are you up to" text messages, especially at night and on the weekends. If it's too late I usually don't respond, anyway, after a rave he went to he texted me asking what I was up to and then told me that he was still "wiiiiideee aaaawake" after the rave. I know that he was probably just still hopped up on drugs, etc, but I didn't respond cause it was like 2 in the morning and I felt like a booty-call. So we get dinner with him 2 days later and he randomly starts telling my friend that he was texting me trying to get a massage that night but I must have fallen asleep...cause he always tells us he likes to get massages. why would he randomly bring this up?


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  • He probably mentioned it because he wanted a reaction out of you, he thinks your someone he can text that with "not a lot of game by the way" but was prob looking for something like " yeah maybe next time f***er when it's not so late" and then he will text you earlier in the night some other time. Might even say the same thing if he hasn't gotten the hint that you don't like that


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  • showing off..inmature

    • but it's not like anything happened between us that he could show off about. lol

    • in his mind he is Tarzan and you are Jane..lol..ego trip that's all

  • Because he's an ass hat.