Guys, would you miss your girlfriend after this long?

Say she just stopped putting in as much effort to see if you really cared, and stopped making plans and texting you and waiting for you outside of class, like she always usually does. BUT she acts normal when she sees you for a couple minutes in the halls.

Would you miss her? How long would it take you to initiate plans yourself? Text her yourself?

(Assume you've been together four months.)


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  • The woman by loving who, I learnt what love is all about dumped me (the only woman to dump me) in 7 months. And to think of it that she hunted me down, approached me, wooed me into accepting her ha ha.

    it's over 5 years now and there's not a moment I spend without thinking about her, her smile, her eyes, her laugh, her anger (loved it always - made me love her all over again), her talk, her breath, her smell ...

    But when she doesn't want to be with me I don't see any point in harrassing her by texting or calling her. She has an open channel to me anytime and I've told her that. But I don't want her ever to be needy for anything ever.

    We do cross each others paths but I don't show an ounce of any feelings lest she feels guilty or even discomfort. I just want her to be happy in her sphere.

    There's no ego involved here. I've moved on too. BUT I firmly believe in 'There Is No Past Tense In Loving Someone. . . It's Either You Always Will Or You Never Did . . .'

    BUT your question is not what I've written, I gathered that after I wrote all that. given what you asked, YES I'd miss her. Initiate plans will happen as time passes.


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  • You're under 18 so if I were you I'd just go for whatever and not take any advice. This just seems like part of the process growing up.

  • I'd assume she's gone off the two of us, and start chasing someone else. In about a week,


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  • Stop playing games. You can't make someone love you nor put in effort. If they wanted to they will. See, this is exactly why and how relationships fail. This very example.


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