Why would a girl give her number, text back once, then suddenly stop?


Classmates, have only talked a total of maybe 10 minutes over two weeks (busy class that doesn't allow for talking), he asks for her phone number after class, she gives it cheerfully. He texts her once that night, jokingly and so she'd have his number. She replies cheerfully, joking back. He has a busy weekend, texts her three days later, just a basic conversation opener. She doesn't reply. He tries texting her again two days later, no reply. He sees her in class, she smiles in greeting when she seems him. He's a little confused and doesn't try to chat.

Okay... any explanations?


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  • Well sometimes when girls are in a bad mood they do things that is so unpredictable ... But to me it seems as if she is just avoiding you/him . She's just probably not interested but she does not want to be too harsh about it .


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  • Lost phone..



    • What baffles me is, she gave her her number *cheerfully* texted back that night playfully, but then suddenly didn't reply since.

    • She is busy.

  • Shes either busy or she doesn't want to seem clingy :)

    • Still the same answer really busy, doesn't want to seem clingy or she might just have a few more guys she playfully texts and you weren't of intrest

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