Why did he finally text me back??

I haven't seen my crush for about 3 weeks and (all the signs point to he likes me too) and he used to text me back (I always initiated) but it was one-two word answers...but I only text him like one or 2 times a week. Well he completely stopped even texting back for the last three weeks. So yesterday I texted him and asked if he was mad...he finally answered me back "Not mad just super busy" (which I know he is..I know he is not just saying that). So my question is...why did he finally text me back after I asked him if he was mad at me?

(P.S. None of my texts were flirty, they were just the hi how are you? are you OK type texts)


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  • LOL perhaps he realized when you asked if he was mad his staying in touch skills need some improvement.

  • Bc he didn't want you to be mad at him or think he was mad at you Boys are just like that


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