Am I the man in my relationship? Is this bad?

I've been with my boyfriend for a year and recently I was talking to a friend and she said that I "was totally the man" in my relationship.

Is that bad?

I would like to make sure you understand that my boyfriend is not a sissy or a wimp or anything.

I don't remember dates very well. I mean, I obviously know when our yearly anniversary is and Christmas and Valentine's day and his birthday, but I don't remember the months or when our first kiss was or when our first date was before we became official. My boyfriend remembers our first kiss, what we did for our first date, and he is really big on how many months it'd been. He called me freaking out once saying he was sorry he forgot to wish me a happy 6 months two days ago once and I was like, "We've been dating 6 months? Wow, congrats."

My friend says I should remember these things because I'm the girl.

I also am afraid of less things than he is. He's afraid of bees, needles, and doesn't particularly like scary movies.

I'm also into outdoor things like fishing, mudding, hiking, horseback riding (I rope and run barrel) and rock/mountain climbing. These activities, my friend says, are more masculine. My boyfriend prefers activities that are less physically stressful. He'd not feminine though. He's a better cook than I am because he loves food and has taken an interest in it from a very early age. But he also likes hiking, just not to the degree that I do.

He feels that I don't need him and he wants to be needed. I tell him that I need him to reach things up high (I'm 5'4 and he's 6'5) but apparently that's not what he means.

So, is my friend wrong, or right? I'm not saying either set up is better than the other, just curious on opinions.


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  • I would'nt say its a men/women thing, usually romantics remember those things, you are just less romantically inclined, traditionally inherited values: sure, so what, be the man!


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  • just let him lead,u just chill and let him take care of you sometimes so he feels needed and from now on keep track of anniversaries and special events with you two,nothing wrong with being a strong independent woman but when he is around,drop that part and feel like a woman does when she lets her man be the man.