I messaged him today and still...NO REPLY. What to do about this guy?

ok, guy I liked left to go to Australia at beginning of this year. through that time, he kept in touch back and forth via Facebook. then 8 months later text me when he got home. we met at a friends party and he asked if I'd ever go out with him, I replied with "yes, just not right now". he then told me he wouldn't have kept in contact with me from Australia if he never liked me.

he suggested we start seeing each other. we agreed if either of us became unhappy, we're let each other know. everything was lovely, we met 3 times and he was always so lovely and respectful towards me. he even asked me to lunch after we'd spent our 3rd night together. unfortunately I couldn't make it though. so he suggested we meet mid-week.

i agreed and we arranged to meet last Thursday. I texted him for confirmation of plans and he said it was going ahead. came to Thursday and I never heard from him, I messaged him to see when he'd pick me up. no answer.

i messaged him today and still...NO REPLY. this is so unlike him. after being keen to take me out and after having clicked well together and now he seems to have fallen off the face of the earth. as I sent this text today I noticed he was active on Facebook at the time, so he has to have checked his phone recently!

I asked one of his friends about him and he said he's not really heard from him either and seems to have 'fallen off the face of the earth'

whats going on here? I really like this guy. have done for months now!


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  • maybe he had a better offer, lesson learnt: solidify sooner

    • depends what you term as "better"

    • it's subjective ofcourse

    • true, although you don't really get 'better' around these parts. so I deem this answer as unlikely.

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