What to do when another girl comes in the group of boys you hang out with and there's tension?

I hang out with two guys often one of them I really like and we have know each other since we were kids he doesn't know that I like him but I think he likes me well another girl from his school has been hanging out with him and other friend and when were all together I don't feel comfortable like I'm not wanted by her. what should I do in this situation please help thanks


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  • So she thinks that you're hoping to get with that guy, which means that he probably does like you. But he likes this other girl too.

    This is a really tough question. I think you could confront your male friend about it. I don't mean to force her out of coming, but he has to know you like him too, because he obviously likes you. So he will have the opportunity to choose before she could become a girlfriend that lasts for a long time, or before you get too upset with her being there.

    She wants this guy and sees you as a threat. If he's not taken, then it's fair game to like him.