Does He Want A Kiss? How Do I Get A Kiss?

My boyfriend and I have been together for a few months. This is his first relationship, and this is my third, so he's a little slow when it comes to flirting and being affectionate... and knowing what to do. Anyways, for about a week he's gotten more affectionate and loves to spend more time with me. I think he might have caught on? Anyways. We've never been on a date before. I'm still working on that and dropping heavy hints to get him to take me out. So, here's the whole point to this. I want him to kiss me. Yesterday I did something that opened his eyes a little bit. I air kissed a friend, just playing around like normal. He looked at me for a long time after that. But it was a look like, "whoa... didn't think that was possible... that was kinda attractive..." After that, when I hurt my hand on accident, he air kissed it. (keep in mind that two or three months ago I kissed him on the cheek. he loved it, but didn't think too much about it cause he never confronted me about it or talked to me about it.) I've also been dropping hints about kissing him when he hurts himself. For example... "Do I need to kiss your hand to make it feel better?" and stuff like that. He'll smile and blush a bit, maybe laugh, but nothing ever happens. The whole time he watches me, but I walk away before he gets the chance to take me up on it. Then, today, my teacher handed out Hershey kisses. He gave me one and as I opened it up to eat it I said... "You realize what you just did, right?" He looked confused and said "no not really." and I smiled and said, "you just gave me a kiss." he air kissed me more today. But I want a REAL one. so here's my question after this LONG awaited story. Do you think he wants to kiss me? on the mouth? how should I go about this? should I do it at school when we're alone or should we be on a date first? any advice would be helpful! thanks :)

just to update, we did kiss. turned out he wanted to kiss me just as badly as I wanted to kiss him. he was just scared to death. so, the right answer was communication. All it took was communication about kissing to open up to it. We've kissed twice now, both turned into make out sessions cause of built up tension of wanting to kiss. lol. so yeah. question is now answered.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Sounds like my relationships when I was 6 years old

    • you had relationships when you were 6? I barely even remember being 6. haha

    • Well it wasn't a relationship, but my first crush was on a Canadian girl when I was 6:D

      It was more of a joke on how prude he is. You're both adults(?), you should have kissed a long time ago. Just ninja kiss him, so the ''first'' is done and the others will come naturally

    • haha okay I see. yeah, I think I had one or two of those myself lol. XP

      we are both adults, but he's a kid at heart (he jokes around a lot) and it doesn't help that he's never been in a relationship before, and on top of that he's shy and embarrassed about that stuff. yeah, I figured I would be the one to kiss him first hehe. I just wanted some advice first :)

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  • he is your boyfriend? but you've never been on a date or kissed? doesn't sound like a boyfriend, sounds like a friend...

    • well, he tells me he loves me all the time, and he always tells me I'm pretty and all that other fun stuff. he holds me in public. almost always has his arm around me... every time we're apart he says he misses me. calls me his girlfriend in public. I call him my boyfriend in public. so... yeah. lol

    • it's just really hard for me to understand a relationship without kissing haha. it's really odd that he shows you physical affection, (holding you, arm around you) but he doesn't kiss you. it's also weird to love someone without a kiss.. there has to be physical attraction and chemistry between two people to be in love, and how can you have that chemistry if you don't ever kiss?

      i'm not discounting your relationship, just trying to understand it lol. best of luck and I hope you get that kiss :)

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