Life after break up - when does the pain go away?

Had a REALLY bad break up 3 weeks ago today. And I'm trying to get on with my life and get out there and flirt and maybe have coffee with a few cute strangers.

... But I still hurt and when one of the girls I flirt of have coffee with shows real interest I see my ex and am just reminded of all the BS she put me through, and I run away (one time literally, ran away).

Sometimes I do explain that I'm just not ready for a real relationship and most of the time they understand. But still I feel like I will never be able to have a meaningful relationship, and I feel bad when I have to tell some girl that I'm not over my ex when I was the one who started flirting with her.


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  • You need to take some time and not date other people because all those relationships are just going to be rebounds. You need to spend some time being single and hanging out with your friends. Keep yourself extremely busy. Maybe join a gym or something? It goes away eventually I promise. Don't respond to any texts or phone calls and don't try to contact her. Don't follow her every move on Facebook. Try to stay away from places where you know she'll be. Take down any reminders of her and stash them in a closet or something. Do this for another couple weeks and only when you feel absolutely ready to face her should you even consider dating again.

    Any girl who you have an honest interest in deserves your full attention and if you keep rebounding like this you will start a vicious cycle and it will only take longer to get over her. Once you can give a girl your full attention then you will be able to really move on.


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