What should I take this as?

I texted the girl I like at 9:00 just saying "hey so and so :)" That's all, nothing threatening (unless of course she doesn't want to be texting me at all, then of course it would have been). Butttt that's not the case since we only just started texting last night. I was basically just going to say that I can't do tonight but that I want to get together on Tuesday night.

She never texted back. I realize now I should have called but it's too late now.

What should I take this as?


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  • She could've forgotten to text you back, her phone could be a bit off and she sent the text but you never got it, she's out off money on her phone, ...

    Just text her today with something random and see if she answers.

    • agreed :) could be many reasons as to why she not texted back -x-

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