Is this normal dating behavior?

The guy made the first call to ask for a first date. Since then they have been on 3 dates one week each. When they are together, they are very playful with each other and they have lots of fun (not physical) They just never call Each other in between dates.

The girl NEVER initiate any text or call. All she does is respond to him.

The guy never text to say hello either. He would only text her to make plans for dates.

Why they seem so detached?


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  • i never text with a chick I'm dating, and I don't talk over the phone except to set up a date. I don't mail, or IM or whatever. when I'm not on a date with her I'm off the grid.

    about her not initiating; maybe he told her that he doesn't text or talk over the phone so she doesn't do that.

    • Is that because you are scared that the girl will get clingy?

      most guys I met like to email / text / call to have small chat.

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    • clinginess is a part of it. rules are set at the beginning. and if you text about nonsense at the beginning she will continue to do so. and when you get sick and tired of always responding to some sh*t and you stop it, she's all scared and/or disappointed. I don't want to communicate with her all the time, specially not when we're just dating.

      another reason is - I don't know her that well. and not being able to see her initial response when I say something is not good.

    • Agree rules are set at the beginning. Looks like they are both testing each other at this stage.

      Also agree if they are used to texting about non sense there will be expectation and resentment later on.

      Going at this pace, I'm curious how long would it take to be official

What Girls Said 1

  • i personally wouldn't like that. after 3 dates I would want contact.


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